Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hayakawa Forging, recognizing the importance of personal information, will take the following measures to protect personal information that Hayakawa Forging handles:
Hayakawa Forging observes applicable laws and regulations with respect to personal information. Hayakawa Forging has established internal rules for the handling of personal information, and will continuously require its employees (including directors, officers, full-time and part-time employees, temporary workers, etc.) and others to know, practice, maintain and improve upon such internal rules.

When Hayakawa Forging collects, obtains or acquires personal information, Hayakawa Forging will make public, or individually inform each person concerned, its purposes of the use of such information. Hayakawa Forging will collect, obtain or acquire personal information to the extent necessary for the said purposes.

Hayakawa Forging will appoint a manager in charge of information management in each section who will handle all personal information. Hayakawa Forging will keep personal information accurate and up to date, and will take appropriate measures to prevent improper access to, as well as the loss, destruction, improper alteration and leakage of personal information.

Hayakawa Forging will handle personal information under proper procedures for only the purposes made public or informed at the time of collection or acquisition. Furthermore, Hayakawa Forging will not disclose or offer personal information of any person to a third party without his or her approval, except for the following cases:
(1) when Hayakawa Forging has his or her express consent;
(2) when Hayakawa Forging outsources to a third party a part of its operations that handles personal information;
(3) when Hayakawa Forging presents necessary information to financial institutions for payment procedures; and
(4) when there are certain circumstances specified by applicable laws.

In the case in which Hayakawa Forging shares personal information with a third party, or in the case where Hayakawa entrusts personal information to a third party in order to outsource a part of its operations, Hayakawa will inquire about and examine, and further sign the necessary contracts with, such third party, and take other necessary measures required by applicable laws and regulations.

Hayakawa Forging recognizes that each person has the right to disclose, amend, suspend and delete his or her own personal information under the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan, and will promptly respond to his or her request regarding the said rights, unless Hayakawa Forging is under certain circumstances specified by the law.

Hayakawa Forging will keep personal information entrusted from other entities under strict control, and will use such entrusted personal information only for the commissioned work stipulated in the contracts with such other entities.

October 1, 2016
President Hirohisa Hanamura
Hayakawa Forging Co., Ltd.